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David Hendley david at farmpots.com
Sat Jul 16 16:22:30 EDT 2016

In the late 1970s, from reading this remembrance it must have
been when she was preparing to move to Vermont, Karen Karnes
and Ann Stannard spent about 6 weeks in Dallas. My studio was
in a big warehouse that housed 4 potter's studios and a clay
business, Clay Suppliers. John Williams, the owner, invited them
to work at the studio, so for those weeks I was working next to
Karen Karnes. She made coil-built garden seats.
I knew she was well-known and well-regarded, but at the time I
really didn't know her history and reputation, and she was just
another potter, happy to hang out and tell stories and talk about
pots. Ann was very quiet, the stereotypical reserved Englishwoman,
but enthusiastic when the subject turned to wood-fired kilns.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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> *Karen Karnes, Remembered by Mark Shapiro*
> Karen Karnes, Remembered by Mark Shapiro Karen Karnes passed peacefully 
> at home on July 12th, 2016. She was a towering figure of the postwar 
> studio pottery movement, pioneering salt-glazing in the 1960s and 
> wood-firing in the 1980s. Her work opened undreamed of possibilities of 

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