[Clayart] pot shattering during bisque

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Hi Ken,

Yes - learn to program your controller - that way you can simply punch  
in a new set whenever you need to. It's easy once you know how. Keep  
your temperature at 90C for as long as you need to get all the  
moisture out then go as fast as you like.

I once programmed a fast rate by mistake after I got the water out and  
was up to 600C in 2 hours - no problem. I don't recommend fast firing  

Tell us what type of controller and we can tell you how to program it.

Happy to tell you more if you need it.


Quoting Ken Chase <kchase235 at gmail.com>:

> Thanks Mike:
> Except for one time using a custom setting for
> A slow cool for crystalline glazes I've always chosen a program set  
> by the manufacturer of the electric kiln. I don't think I can make  
> any changes once the program starts so I don't know how I could  
> employ your technique of using a mirror to judge moisture.
> Maybe I should figure out how to customize
> All my firings.
> Best,
> Ken
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>> On Jul 18, 2016, at 11:04 AM, MGordon <clayart at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> An unknown trapped air bubble might not cause the whole pot to  
>> shatter just pop a chunk out of the wall. More likely too much  
>> moisture in the pot. I always put my kiln on pilot over night but  
>> it's gas, & I thought you said you are firing in an electric kiln.  
>> In that case I always hold a mirror up to the top peep hole & if  
>> any moisture fogs the mirror I let it go another hour & check it  
>> again before turning the kiln up. Mike Gordon
>> PS didn't you say you are using porcelain? A lot tighter clay body  
>> than brick clay.

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