[Clayart] Mel's "Dry pots and bisque" post

MGordon clayart at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 20 18:40:06 EDT 2016

It made me chuckle, when I was teaching, kids would rush to get their 
pot in the bisque kiln I was stacking at the time. Always wait till the 
last minute,kids. Love em. They would hand ma a pot that was sooo wet 
that if I wasn't careful it would deform in my hands & even then if I 
had to move it there would be grit from the kiln floor stuck to the 
bottom! Put it on pilot over night, fire it the next day, no problem.

Then a couple of nights ago I was watching TV & saw a show about a kid 
who took ceramics in summer camp & got hooked. His name is Jonathon 
Adler, google his name. There is a picture of him throwing a cylinder & 
look at the nice pots he made in the background. Then check out GOOGLE 
IMAGES for what he's making now. Nothing like he made when he started 
out, but now he's a millionaire! Mike Gordon

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