[Clayart] funny old post

Karin Givon potwoman at mcn.org
Sat Jul 23 12:28:43 EDT 2016

funny old mel. these little ‘occasion’ notes are priceless. good thing; I don’t have any money. EXcept my kids love my pots!  (or does it just keep me out of their hair?  ; }

> On Jul 23, 2016, at 8:54 AM, mel jacobson <melpots2 at visi.com> wrote:
> i have been going through computer stuff and cleaning
> out old docs, folders etc.  (hot and humid, rain starting...so, head to the basement room.
> this is many years old. but, true today.
> when teaching, you are with an audience that just `what the hell
> is goin on?, he did what?, when?, hell, i don't care.`
> i would tell a class that i had a show in one of the most
> important ceramics galleries in the world...matsuya, tokyo.
> all stared like deer in headlights.
> then i told them:
> i do many of the pots that go on the general mills cereal boxes.
> straight forward commercial art work, no credit, no nothing, just
> money.  took the box from the drawer, a nice one....some corn
> flake thing.  no, no, total cereal box, with my pots all over it.
> (did a hamburger helper that sold millions and millions of boxes.
> they gave me a case of that crap...threw it all away.)
> they screamed,`holy shit, i have to call my mom and tell her, really
> really, a cereal box.  holy cat fish, my teacher did the pots on the
> total box...do you sign them?  hey, mel, can i use your office phone?
> want to call my dad, he is in court trying a case, but hell, gotta tell him.`
> see, it is all perception.  what is important to them at the time.
> kids do it, parents do it, friends do it.  one really has to get over
> it.   i make art and pots for people who care.  i think folks understand.
> my dad would always say `hell, submit that.`  course no one knew
> where to submit it.  it was such a funny line.  he worked at the ford
> plant.  missed two days work in 42 years.  old marine.  but, he
> liked his 4th son.   he said `i was goofey, messed with clay...but
> hell, do what you want. and hell, he has some degrees or other`.
> if you hang around waiting for family and friends to admire your
> work...well, you have a long wait.
> as my dad said, `hell, do what you want, get on with it, but
> get to work`.
> not a bad nordic idea.
> i have lived it my entire life.  had to, he told me to.  he was my dad
> you know.
> mel

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