[Clayart] general mills boxes

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sat Jul 23 16:34:42 EDT 2016

i live a few miles from the general mills home offices.
i have several friends that `dressed` the photos for all
the box art.  so, it was just easy for them to stop
\at my studio, pick up pots for a shoot and bring them
back three days later.
they paid me rental.  they do not use pyrex for photo 

it was a good gig.  also, i can make pots to spec
or from a plan.  that was what my japanese training did 
for me.  so, they sent a plan, i made the pot and they 
used it and paid me.
commercial art.  no credit, just money.

that post i sent was a typical response from kids.
who cares about shows in japan or other places...but, a
cereal box???  that was a big time issue.  that is fame.

it is a good reminder that there are many ways to
make money as a skilled crafts person.  profit is 
profit.  it keeps my kiln full of dollars.

quote""" "real art" is done with my paintings.  that is
all joy and problem solving in 2D.  it satisfies my 
need to be a creative artist.  it is done for me, not
clients. they buy what i make.  it makes me happy.

but, the pottery does not support itself.  i have to do 
things that make me money, and i cannot be too fussy.
i have lines i do not cross...like pink mugs with the
name `wanda` in gold leaf.

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