[Clayart] Will DC electric fields transform ceramics?

Zard Wilfre bizboy22 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 23 16:46:29 EDT 2016

Jeff Lawrence commented: " I needed all my determination to touch
it once I got it electrified..."

Very humorous! (I had wanted to Photoshop a lightning bolt going through a pot spinning on a wheel with the potter's hair standing on end, but didn't have the time.)  I have that famous picture burned into my memory of Nikola Tesla sitting in a chair with the artificial lightning shooting outward.  (Actually it was a double exposure used for raising capital.)

Alas, I also haven't found time to built the 3-D ceramic printer reported on in MAKE magazine:
Build a $700 Ceramic Spitting Delta 3D Printer

But maybe a little properly applied voltage would make me go faster.....

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