[Clayart] Clay Exhibits on the St. Laurence Seaway

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Quebec City….. I’ve only been once - in 1981, but I love that city. Walk through the walled part of the city. Don’t drive through - you won’t be able to get anything bigger than a Mini Cooper through the streets and there’s no place to park. The old part of the city is magnificent and full of inspiration. 

As for eating…. any restaurant will do. There’s no such thing as bad French cooking. 

If you speak French at all, start any conversation in French. Your efforts will be appreciated. Also, if you speak French, see the monuments scattered around the city. I love the one for Montcalm. In English, the marker goes on and on about Montcalm, great and glorious, meeting his fatal blow, though no fault of his own, on that very spot. In French the marker reads: Montcalm died here. Great way to understand the culture and how Quebec got to where it is today. And yes, there is a law that everything has to be in French. Jim is English only and he didn’t find it funny when while driving with me trying to translate street signs at 65 MPH and after saying there must be a law that everything has to be in French, I burst out laughing. 

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