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Simon Kevin has a program which includes wood firing.
On Jul 25, 2016 12:45 PM, "Dennison Dorsey" <dennisondorsey at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone! I'm new to this listserv, but I have been enjoying the
> discussions I've seen so far!
> Does anyone here know of any apprenticeship or assistantship opportunities
> with potters in the US? I'm particularly interested in wood firing, or
> other atmospheric firing, but I am not opposed to other opportunities.
> I have experience doing studio work in a few different ceramic studios,
> and am now looking for something more along the lines of an apprenticeship.
> A little background information:
> I received my BFA from Eastern Michigan University with a concentration in
> sculpture. I took some ceramic courses as well and began to focus more on
> this material later on during my studies. After graduating I traveled
> abroad working on a few collective projects and then worked at a ceramic
> studio in Barcelona doing various studio work (making glazes, firing kilns,
> etc..). Currently I am helping in a ceramic studio in Michigan and also
> assisting a ceramic artist with her work. Most of my experience has been in
> hand-building, but more recently I have been focusing on wheel throwing.
> I would love to hear if anyone here has any thoughts on pursuing this
> venture or if anyone knows of folks that I could reach out to. Also, let me
> know if more information on my background or interests would be helpful.
> Kind Regards,
> Dennison Dorsey
> dennisondorsey at gmail.com
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