[Clayart] Hydrometers - help

Jeff Lawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 23:09:05 EDT 2016

Dan was asking about hyrdrometer recommendations and
 John H replied:
> why bother with a hydrometer which are often inaccurate in a dispersion.
>Just use a container. Weight it empty (WE); weigh it full of water (WW);
> it full of glaze (WG).Specific gravity = (WG - WE) / (WW-WE)
> Very easy and more accurate than a hydrometer. Cheaper too.

Hi Dan,
I'd like to second John's comment.
I've been testing density with a 100CC syringe (thanks, Taylor!) and it's a
snap. Syringe weighs 49 grams, so if 100cc in the syringe weighs 194g, then
I've got 1.45. A lot easier than the Erlenmeyer flask ...
I like it even better when I remember the shards in the glaze when a
hydrometer broke.
Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com
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