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Jeff Lawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 10:13:07 EDT 2016

Gregg wrote:
With my glazes, I have noticed that each glaze has a different specific

> gravity and viscosity. It depends on what materials are in each glaze and
> on how you want your glazes to look. remember, application, application,
> application.  Like clay, your glaze will do exactly what you tell it to do.
>  It is all in how you mix it,  and how you apply it.
> To find a baseline for determining the proper number for your particular
> glazes specific gravity, measure it when you get the glaze to do just what
> you want.  When it comes out of the kiln the way you want it, measure the
> wet glaze in the bucket, and that is the number you want to hit every time.
> This has to do with its color, whether it runs or not, and all the other
> factors that make you like a glaze.
> Then, when you  make the next batch, hit that number, and there you go. It
> should fire the same, if your application is the same.
Hi Gregg,
Well said! You put into words exactly the realization I'm coming to and
inspire me both to start writing down numbers and resume testing viscosity
(now where is that viscosity cup?)
Of course, this may not be enough to head off disaster due to my recurring
delusion that glazes should look the same on different clays.
Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com
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