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Dan, not to pooo on all the great knowledge re hydrometers folks are willing to share...

But just to offer another perspective from, me, a potter who has produced and sold many thousands of pots, complete with glazes to slobber over, covet, wheedle for, and dream about in those late sleepless hours....
I have a hydrometer stashed in a box up high on a shelf. It was given to me many years ago by a "good intentioned control freak."  I've never taken it out of the box.  

My dry right index finger stuck in the glaze just past the first knuckle has been the only measuring device I've needed for going on 40 years or so..... Our eyes, our fingers, and intuitive senses gained thru **Experience** will still and always give us more than all the giz-mos one can accumulate and loose sleep over.    
Jump in with both feet (er fingers) and Get some.   And quit reading books that have a title such as "The COMPLETE Book of ----------"  No one is that Smart or Omniscient. 


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> Dan
> 1.5 does very nicely for our glazes & clay slips.
> Check out http://www.luepottery.hwy.com.au/clayart.htm
> for Roger Graham's drinking straw hydrometer.
> Des
> On 26/07/2016 3:22 AM, Dan Saultman wrote:
> > I would like to know what specific gravity hydrometer I
> > need to measure glazes.
> > The one I have sinks too low beyond the numeric readings.
> > My current hydrometer has the specific Gravity of 1.000
> > - 1.220 and does not work properly.
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