[Clayart] Kickwheel

Douglas Fur 23drb50 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 12:15:02 EDT 2016

Being an amateur I can afford to use a kick wheel.
I have also found that having worked in restaurants that I have been
Pavlovian conditioned to work up tempo in response to the sound of  an
exhaust fan.* Which is a response I've seen in many, letting the sound of
the motor drive their pace of work.

The clip clop of a treadle wheel or the rumble of a momentum wheel is
proportional to my pace of work. The sound gives me useful feed back to
adjust the wheel's speed to my pace.

That being said I find I am experimenting with friction drive momentum
wheels to let an electric motor do some of the donkey work.

Seola Creek

*Please note I didn't say I found restaurant work "exhausting". Nor did I
take autocorrect's suggestion that "balls" was the word to use after
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