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MGordon clayart at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 30 19:35:09 EDT 2016

Half of those juicy burgers you see on TV  are probably plastic, notice 
that no mayo runs out the sides of the actor's mouth & he  does a 
really bad job of pretending he's just took a big bite of a burger. 
Pretty funny! Mike Gordon
On Jul 30, 2016, at 2:24 PM, mel jacobson wrote:

> when i did the hamburger helper/Sheppard's pie box years back
> it was imperative that the casserole held two quarts.
> i mean, the last two ounces went in with an eye dropper.
> they cannot say two quarts unless it is two quarts.
> they said two quarts, they wanted that exact.
> they cannot make it in a pyrex...they have an almost
> two inch lip above two quarts.  that is a safety measure
> for commercial casseroles.  and the box photo has to be unique.
> the product was baked in my casserole, it swelled up
> above the rim of the casserole in a dome shape...
>   before it fell they sprayed a soft brown
> color water color on the top.  photos went fast.
> marked spot on the set, bang, bang, bang.
> do it again.
> remember, they use white glue instead of milk.
> milk is too transparent.
> they have to be almost true to the script, but they
> mess around the edges all the time.  it is just the nature
> of the beast.  some of you have been on those shoots many 
> times....some of you have lived in that world.
> so, when i made pots for shoots they had to be exact to the plan of 
> the shoot.  everything fits just perfectly.
> and, i know i can make a kiln full of red pots...done it before, can 
> do it again.  it is not that hard to do as a matter of fact.  follow 
> the plan.
> best to all, mel

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