[Clayart] Photos as image

Douglas Fur 23drb50 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 12:04:35 EDT 2016

David's comment about photos as an image is true. The tricky part is that
we have a habit called "seeing is believing". A nice sentiment but of
squishy truth.

The image on our retina is "upside down". The brain processes the image so
that it agrees with our perception of up and down. The same with depth. The
brain processes two flat images so that they are combined into an image
which agrees with our learned concept of near and far. And the brain
selects what we see, scanning and editing out much of what we are looking

This could be stated as two dilemmas of art. What is the difference between
an image of a thing and the thing itself and what is the difference between
what we see and what we are looking at.

Seola Creek
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