[Clayart] Front-loading electric kiln for sale in Buckingham, Virginia

Nan Rothwell nan at nanrothwellpottery.com
Sun Jul 31 20:48:36 EDT 2016

I recently posted information about a gas kiln for my friend Roger Rood.
He got such a good response on that posting (the kiln sold in a week) that
he’s asked me to post about his electric kiln.  Roger had this kiln made in
South Africa and brought it to Virginia when he moved here.  I’ve seen the
kiln and can vouch for it being in excellent condition.  Please contact
Roger directly if you are interested.



   - Factory made by Harpers.
   - Exterior dimensions approx: 72 in. H x 47 in. W x 45 in. D.
   - Interior dimensions approx: 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 2 ft.
   - Moveable by forklift on a palette (kiln is already attached to a
   - Lightly used for only approx. 30 bisque firings (very good condition).
   - Can fire up to Cone 12.
   - Wired for 3-phase electricity but can also be used on regular electric
   - Firebrick insulated walls.
   - Arched roof.
   - Steel angle-iron framed and sheet metal clad kiln.
   - Located in Buckingham Virginia.
   - Sale includes door bungs and spare bungs.
   - Kiln has “Crash cooling” vent ports in roof.
   - Kiln Controller and thermocouple attached.
   - Complete spare set of kiln elements
   - Kiln shelves (see details below).
   - Shelf props (see details below).

This kiln is top of the line quality and a reliable piece of equipment for
the serious studio potter or teaching studio. It is easy to load, and has
yielded some amazing results. This kiln has always been kept and fired
indoors. I am selling it as I am relocating and am no longer active in the

*Sale price: $ 2,000. (Delivery not included). *This includes 16 kiln

( 16 in. x 20 in.) and many shelf props in different sizes. This is a great
opportunity for someone setting up a production, or teaching studio.

Roger adds -- I am also selling a 912 square foot pottery building on 3.343
acres of wooded land in Buckingham, VA completely equipped with this kiln
and other studio equipment for sale.

Contact Roger rogrood at gmail.com for more information and photographs.

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