[Clayart] law suits

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Nov 2 13:45:05 EDT 2016

i would never question debs expertise.
but, i was laughing to myself about how the `threat of law 
suit` from the irs has cost americans millions and millions 
of dollars on the last scam.

the dorks ran to pay the caller. and the guy with the indian 
accent had them go to target and get gift cards...they did 
it.!!!!!!by the thousands.

what would happen if a customer came to your studio and 
said?...`gonna start legal action about your unsafe dishes!`
i think it might cause diarrhea.

this speaker at the forum is one of america's leading 
potters. he was not kidding. he is a serious guy.
he gave examples.

so, i am just opening the dialog.  asking for any 
information that is out there.

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