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Many years ago, (1980s) Bennington Potters was threatened with a law suit by a woman over her family being poisoned by lead after cooking chicken in a terracotta Cloche oven...We sent samples to a trusted lab and they concluded no heavy metals in the tests.  As it urned out the lady cooked the chicken and left it cooling for some hours before her family ate it and conracted food poisoning from the  growth of salmonela. It cost us a lot of time to prove to the authorities that we had never used any lead or heavy metals. It hurt sales for a short time.


(former Plant Manager for 13 years at B.P.)

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I'm with Deb on this one. There may have been some threats of lawsuits
but it is unlikely that any have ever been initiated. Anyways, whats
wrong with unvitrified pots. Earthenware has been produced for thousands
of years with no problems attributable to its porous state. Shall we
outlaw American Raku?? Will that tea bowl kill you??

Tongue firmly in cheek

On 11/01/16 17:39, mel jacobson wrote:
> i just had a call from a friend, senior clay person, that said there
> are some law suits in california over unsafe dishes made by potters.
> in fact, he said that people were buying work from potters just to sue
> them. (quick money)
> it seems that the clay companies are in some cases making basic cone
> ten bodies...and they do not vitrify at all at cone 6.  they may say
> it is a broad range clay...6-10. of course that cannot be a fact.
> cone 6 clay should vitrify at cone 6.  period.  i am not pointing a
> finger at any vendors as we do not know this to be a fact...but, it
> could have merit.
> now, please, this is sort of rumor stuff.  i have no verification of
> this, just his second hand information. but, it is something, for sure.
> so, if clayart friends could snoop around, talk to others and see what
> is going on.
> this is very important stuff.  if this spreads around the country some
> folks could be in big trouble.
> i hate to tell folks this...but i have been very concerned for years
> about this...that is one reason i would not switch to cone 6.  i want
> my functional pots to be well melted and no trouble. cone 11 makes
> sure of that.
> but, we know the fear people are having in the modern
> world...everything is going to kill us...wrap your kids in saran wrap,
> don't let them go outside.
> i am of the opinion that more kids need to play in barns and walk in
> manure.  not hide in the house full of fear.
> oh, well, talk to the moon.
> see what's shak/n.
> mel
> and please, no alarm stuff.  if you report back, be factual and
> concerned, but no sounding fire alarms.  that stuff gets out to the
> general population and gets blown out of proportion.

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