[Clayart] cone six rumors

William Schran wschran at cox.net
Fri Nov 4 17:14:51 EDT 2016

Coming in late, but a clay with range of 6 - 10 is NOT a cone 6 clay!
For functional ware, a cone 6 clay with absorption rate after firing of
around 2% or less is desired.


Bill Schran
wschran at cox.net

On 11/1/16, 5:39 PM, "Clayart on behalf of mel jacobson"
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>i just had a call from a friend, senior clay person, that
>said there are some law suits in california over unsafe
>dishes made by potters.   in fact, he said that people were
>buying work from potters just to sue them. (quick money)
>it seems that the clay companies are in some cases making
>basic cone ten bodies...and they do not vitrify at all at
>cone 6.  they may say it is a broad range clay...6-10. of
>course that cannot be a fact.  cone 6 clay should vitrify at
>cone 6.  period.  i am not pointing a finger at any vendors
>as we do not know this to be a fact...but, it could have merit.
>now, please, this is sort of rumor stuff.  i have no
>verification of this, just his second hand information. but,
>it is something, for sure.
>so, if clayart friends could snoop around, talk to others
>and see what is going on.
>this is very important stuff.  if this spreads around the
>country some folks could be in big trouble.
>i hate to tell folks this...but i have been very concerned
>for years about this...that is one reason i would not switch
>to cone 6.  i want my functional pots to be well melted and
>no trouble.  cone 11 makes sure of that.
>but, we know the fear people are having in the modern
>world...everything is going to kill us...wrap your kids in
>saran wrap, don't let them go outside.
>i am of the opinion that more kids need to play in barns and
>walk in manure.  not hide in the house full of fear.
>oh, well, talk to the moon.
>see what's shak/n.
>and please, no alarm stuff.  if you report back, be factual
>and concerned, but no sounding fire alarms.  that stuff gets
>out to the general population and gets blown out of proportion.

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