[Clayart] the real health issue

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Tue Nov 8 09:22:52 EST 2016

for potters, it is dust.  i do not think there are very many 
potters on this list that use dangerous chemicals any 
longer. we know better.
but, dust will hurt you a great deal.  (glaze dust especially)
ron roy has been very vocal about this issue. he knows.
we know that warren Mackenzie has silicosis.

i did my monthly garden hose in the studio and washed the 
entire floor. it is harder to do in the deep winter, but i 
then mop with water after glazing.

so...like david said..you could lick blue pots every day and 
not worry about cobalt, but if your studio is full of 
dust...you may be very sick one day.  it is a silent disease.

have your doctor check your breathing with a pressure system 
the next time you have your physical.  many have forgotten 
that little trick.  for potters, it is important. (you blow 
in a tube and it is measured.)
i loved paul's take on melamine. always something to be
scared to death of. i bet you cannot find one person that 
has died from `melmac`.  that is what folks called my pots 
in the old days.

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