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KATHI LESUEUR kathi at lesueurclaywork.com
Wed Nov 16 20:36:11 EST 2016

If your facebook page is for selling pots, I agree. I sell my pots on my website and ETSY. Facebook if for my personal use to communicate. I recently posted an opinion about the need for all of us to stand up for others who are being bullied. My grandfather taught me at a very young age to not be a bystander. He told me that when I walked into a lunch room and saw someone sitting alone because a group of bullies decided they were the wrong color, or religion, of just that they wore the wrong clothes on the first day of school, it was my DUTY to go sit with that person because everyone needs a friend. And, if I do that others will follow and the bullies will fail. We have lots of bullying going on now. I have spoken out against that on my page. It needs to be said. If that offended someone, so be it. I hate bigotry wherever I see it. And, I will stand up for the Christian woman who has her cross torn from her neck and pushed to the ground just as fast as I will for the Muslim woman who has been spit on and pushed. It is who I am. I don't apologize.


On Nov 15, 2016, at 11:13 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> without question, customers are golden.
> when you get them, keep them.
> when at any sort of fair venue it is very important to step out of your booth and engage people.
> whatever you do...`DO NOT OPEN A BOOK AND READ`.
> my facebook page is all about showing my work, then adding a teaching element and, of course a lot of humor and goofey stuff..  i do not post political crap or try to sell people on social issues.  i sell pots...period.  in fact if my customers bring up stuff, i just say...`those things are private, like faith and honor` they most always agree.
> i wonder often if people think they can add political stuff and expect that all their customers agree with each other.
> 50% will not.  so, do you give up half of your customer base to pimp politics????  i sure would never do it.
> i talk a great deal about being your own boss, being in charge of your own life as a potter/artist.  most people will be jealous.  i talk a great deal about my love of art and craft and the independent life i lead.  it is all positive and uplifting.
> i have had hundreds of `likes` on my last photos on facebook.  it is the gentle selling one can do.
> and, it feels good.
> mel

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