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I had a show a few years ago.  I only sold one piece.  I was  devastated.  As I was wrapping my work, two women came by my booth.  One stopped and picked up one of my vases, and started to fondle it, and show it to her friend, stating how much she loved my piece. 
She then turned to me and ask if I would give her a closing hour deal.   My answer was brutal.   I replied."Madam, your compliments please me greatly, however, I will introduce that piece to Mr. hammer before I would sell it to you, at a reduced price."   She walked away insulted.   I smiled.
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> On Nov 16, 2016, at 8:19 PM, Jeff Lawrence <jefflawr at gmail.com> wrote:
>  David the Woofster makes  good points about selling:
> ... don't haggle or allow anyone to play games with your head to get a
> lower price.   It insults you and your work.   Politely say something like
> "my work is fair market priced to be accessible to as many folks as
> possible and still keep me in in business.
> At times in the past, I've yielded to the haggled offer when things were
> slow. Something's better than nothing, right? Afterwards, though, I always
> felt a slow burn, because David is right - it is insulting. When I finally
> refused a "what'll you take" lady, I finished the show far more pleased
> with myself than I would have with craven cash.
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