[Clayart] selling stuff

Barry Salaberry bsalab at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 12:19:23 EST 2016

I had two days of no sales at a Christmas sale, and hadn't made enough to
pay my house rent.  As I was packing up, a well heeled couple came by.
(Yes, I did take note of his shoes' new heels)

They selected a few pots, and asked for a discount.  I had never dropped a
price before that, but in my desperate state, I rationalized that I could
just as well consider this to be a wholesale order, and offered  a 10%
break in price.

As I was wrapping up these pots, they chimed, "and we won't be paying the
sales tax."  I had to pay the tax due.

Believe me, that was the only and very last time I ever have or ever will
drop my price.  It goes beyond price; it's about a higher consideration,
it's about VALUE, my self-worth.

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