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On Nov 17, 2016, at 12:25 PM, Deborah Thuman wrote:

> When we still lived in Western NY, there was a weekly flea market that was popular with both dealers and shoppers. If you set up at the flea market, you had to have a tax number printed on the special tax form. There’s no charge for this number and form, but you don’t want to be without it. Both the flea market organizers and tax folks regularly scoured the flea market looking for tax numbers. No tax number and the organizers made you leave. The tax folks gave out tickets that came with expensive fines. We took to hanging the tax number up behind the table in our booth. 

Ah, doing business in New York. They have some things that make life very difficult. First, Their fiscal year doesn't start in the same month as everyone else's. So, it's easy to miss a filing and owe a penalty. And, once you have a tax license you can't get rid of it. I did one show years ago in New York. Missed the filing deadline and paid the penalty. When I got the form for the next quarter there was a box to check to renew and pay a fee. I did not check the box. The next quarter I got a notice of fine for failure to report. Wrote and told them I no longer have a valid license, I didn't renew. Next quarter same thing, bigger fine. I called them. No help. Kept getting larger and larger bills. I finally sent a nasty letter after two years of going back and forth. Next quarter got a letter telling me there is a warrant for my arrest for failure to file and pay the fine. I no longer drive in New York. I take the southern route to my show in Massachusetts. If I were to get stopped they would confiscate everything and take me to jail. Just one more scam to make money off of people. Think hard before doing a New York show.


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