[Clayart] Jury Rigging

Arnold Howard ahoward at paragonweb.com
Tue Nov 29 12:37:05 EST 2016

On 11/29/2016 6:59 AM, Paul Gerhold wrote:
> I was getting ready to fire my big Skutt when the lid band broke
> causing the lid to completely break in half.  Here is my fix. Took
> some old stainless and cut a new band to go around the lid.  Then
> used stainless cables with turnbuckles to replace the hose clamps.
> Then took Loctite PL 3 adhesive to glue three pieces of angle iron
> across the break on the top of the lid.

Here is another lid repair idea:

1) Adjust a ratchet strap so that it will slide around the lid with a 
loose fit. Remove the strap.

2) Remove the stainless steel band.

3) Dip the broken lid sections into a tray of kiln cement. Working very 
rapidly, press the lid pieces together. Do not apply the cement to the 
lid with a trowel. Dipping into a tray is much faster.

4) Immediately after pressing the pieces together, wrap a ratchet strap 
around the lid. (The ratchet strap temporarily takes the place of a 
stainless steel lid band.)

5) Tighten the ratchet strap to squeeze out the excessive kiln cement. 
The repair seams should be as thin as possible.

As you tighten the strap, make sure the lid remains flat.


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