[Clayart] Thanks and Sumi's kiln works fine now

sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Sat Oct 1 18:15:33 EDT 2016

Just wanted to thank everybody who responded to me and tell you that my 
latest firing was just about right. 6.5 hours to cone 7, with an 
overnight preheat. Temperature and reduction pretty much even 
throughout.  Pretty much the only changes I made were I took away the 
bag wall and moved the bottom shelf back towards the back wall. And I 
took out the extra bricks I had put underneath the load to baffle the 
flames. I'm sure I can tweak it a bit and make it more perfect but now I 
know what I might want to do.

Bill Schran, I can't thank you enough for telling me that if you pull 
the damper out the heat goes to the bottom. I'm so glad you caught that 
in my first post. Now my kiln fires right side up. Turning down the gas 
pressure or pulling out the damper both do exactly the opposite of what 
they used to do!

The next step, Mel, is to try preheating with 1/2" instead of 1" of 
pressure to save fuel and protect the bricks.


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