[Clayart] fast firing protocol

sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Mon Oct 3 21:07:41 EDT 2016


but my question is always, can you do this with atmospheric burners? 
Turn them on high immediately? In the past I found the kiln temperature 
simply didn't increase if I turned the heat up too high too fast and I 
have always assumed the kiln needs to build up draft gradually to pull 
enough air in to burn more gas.

> again:
> pre heating your kiln to a rather high temp, like
> 1200F over night does nothing for your kiln.
> in fact, it destroys the insulating value of your brick.
> if your kiln is hot on the outside after pre/heat then you have wasted 
> the thermal quality of the brick.
> what i suggest is:  use a strong pilot flame and bring your kiln up to 
> under 400F over night.  (auto shut offs or baso valves are pretty 
> important if you do this.)
> it will warm your shelves, melt the wax etc. and only the inside face 
> of your kiln is warm. the pots are now warm and ready for firing.
> i turn my kiln to high right off the bat.  as i fire, the pressure is 
> turned down.  in fact i have almost no gas pressure at cone 11.
> now you have the famous dance.  gas pressure, back pressure, damper 
> settings for reduction and then
> a down fire protocol for crystals and copper red.
> each potter will figure out what works for them.
> this system assures you a fine use of fuel, you fire faster without 
> harming your pots or kiln.
> in many cases you will get a color or surface shift...and make sure 
> you chart what you do.
> there are many potters that are using this system with great affect.  
> and, it does save fuel. and if you use blue flame and modest reduction 
> it is even better.  color becomes more viable.
> mel

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