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I like the guarantee but packing a single mug is easy. Why pay $12 and why charge your customer $12. You can get all of the flat foam board you will every need from anyone doing custom blinds. They are happy to give it away. Line your box with the foam. Wrap the piece in bubble wrap (another thing the blinds people have tons of). You will not have any breakage. The greatest risk for breakage is when you are packing multiple pieces. But, a mug, easy.  I have not bought a plastic peanut or bubble wrap in years. Now I get the foam sheets for free. The only thing I buy is boxes. And, the post office will give them to you for free when you ship Priority Mail. I've shipped extensively with UPS, FedEx, and the post office. By far, the best service is the post office. I've only had two instances of breakage and take the blame for each on my packing. Just trying to save by using too small a box. I could always count on UPS breaking something no matter how I packed when I was wholesaling. My customers couldn't figure out how they would manage to break something. I'll take the post office any day.

On Oct 4, 2016, at 7:05 PM, Deborah Thuman wrote:

> While I was at the local FedEx store, I saw a sign about how FedEx will do the packing for you. I asked the clerk about their service and what it would cost if I wanted to ship a mug. They use Insta-Pac foam, do all the packing, charge $12 (this is for a small box), shipping is extra. If FedEx packs it, FedEx guarantees it.
> I like the guarantee part. 
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