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re: "Venturi" burners.
Maybe we should  drop this term.
I think that Venturi tube is a better description of what happens in a
carburetor than what goes on in a atmospheric burner.
The "Venturi principle" principle describes fluid flow through a
constriction. This results in a local reductution of pressure at the
constriction which can induce flow in a fluid entering the tube at the
In our burners both the gas jet and the induced flow of air enter the tube
at its end.
The Bernoulli effect, in tubes, refers to fluid flow induced by a fluid
entering the end of a tube under pressure.
I think this is a better description of what's happening with our burners
in which a jet of gas at the end of the burner tube induces air to flow
into the burner.
I think "Induced draft burners" in which the energy of a gas jet  induces
air flow bringing combustion air into the burner is a better term. It would
also make a more logical comparison to "forced draft burners" in which
electrical energy running a fan is used to bring combustion air into the

Seola Creek

nice graphics. although this is not about burners I think it clearly
demonstrates the idea.

a link from mini-sota. a broader look at Bernoulli
*Maybe I'm just being "ori-fussy"
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