[Clayart] why do we love

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Oct 5 17:59:46 EDT 2016

fred?  read his post on the flat top.
man, do i ever admire that guy.
i hope people realize that he was in the merchant marines on 
a ship during world war 2.  (lots of ships.) (he was just a 
kid..) of course now he will correct me...don't you love it.
i call him...FRIEND.
fred, we called it flat top because it looked flat.
we knew it was a dome.  and, critical to the design.
i inserted a half hard brick (split) under the 5/8 inch bars
half way down the kiln...four sides.
it spreads the bars out, and adds tension.
no washers for this kid. just one under each nut.

nils and i built the first prototype kiln on lake minnetonka 
and we used pieces of bed frame...yes, bed frame angle iron 
welded to make the corner brackets... and 1/4 inch all 
thread rods.  held just fine...but, i went to 5/8th inch rod
when i built my big kiln.  at the farm we welded 1/2 inch 
bolts to the ends of 1/2 inch re/rod.  smaller kilns.
i got to use my new lincoln mig welder with gas...i intslled 
a 100 foot outdoor wire 20 amp cord. we can move it to any 
kiln for welding etc. it is a dedicated circuit.  just the 
100 feet of wire was near a hundred bucks...but, it is worth 
its weight in gold when we need it.

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