[Clayart] Cone 6 clay body recipes/Tite Red Body...etc

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 5 18:31:57 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

Awhile back mel asked if anyone would step up to offer some good cone 6 clay body formulas.

(below) are some good starting points for good working cone 6 clay bodies, or that can be easily customized with a bit of personalized tweaking to serve well in most cone 6 applications.

Want a white body instead of "tite red"?.....Simply do a bit of basic Al/SI ratio comparisons to sub in some Helmer kaolin or Tile Six, light fireclay(s) for some of the Red fireclay and Red Art, play with Talc and Feldspar ratios for proper fluxing to tighten the body, and.......drum roll!!!,....Do absorption tests!  Know your materials, you will know your clay!

Regarding developing/retaining plasticity and good working characteristics, Feldspars will shorten the body more than Talc.
Think of Talc as the anti chafing powder for baby diapers and truck drivers breeches as opposed to sifting Feldspar into your pantaloons.
Both are good fluxes, but Talc also contributes to good "thermal shock resistant" characteristics, and in my experienced opinion is underused in potter's high fire body formulations.

Why don't I just give out my body formulas?   Because I've used up my stash of my beloved PV, and am currently subbing out the PV and reformulating my cone 6 bodies to come near the previously tested absorptions of 0.5 % for the red, and 0.7 %  for the white bodies currently in use..

 The following were published some years ago CM of March 1999 regarding David Wright, and Bill Daley's cone 6 bodie (OX)
Tite Red Body ..........a deep reddish, good throwing body, can sub Newman with Gold Art but will lose the rich red color.

Ball                       33.33

Red Art                 33.34

Newman Red       33.33  was orig. PBX, subs great.

BA Co3                    1.0 %

Sand 70m               15.0 %

Daley's Body........"tight as a drum" but not as red as "Tite Red"

Ball                          13.33

Red Art                     40.00

other Fire Clay          20.00

Newman Red          26.67         (A red fire clay from California)

BA Co3                       1.0%

Grog                          10.0%      (or 70m sand)

***Zakin Orange Ocher Body cone 6 OX****    (from his book) "Fine all purpose body"  Needs absorption testing for vessels of domestic utility.      Add Talc if necessary for more fluxing if body not tight enough. start with 2% addition and see what results..........

Gold Art                       70.0

Red Art                         10.0

Newman Red              10.0

Pot Spar                          5.0

Silica/Flint                        5.0

Sand                or grog to taste

Great learning/starting recipes from which to add to according to one's own needs, or wild hare brained ideas.

  Out here where the mud is fine and the camaraderie is to get dirty for,

David Woof

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