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Hi Sumi - 
Natural draft burners are either tube burners or venturi burners.  The former generally have a flared intake and then a straight tube, usually with a flame-retention tip creating turbulence to keep the flame right at the tip.  Venturi burners have a flared intake and then a streamlined restriction in the burner tube, and then usually a flame-retention tip at the output.  The gas jet at the back end of the burner is aimed directly at the venturi restriction, which assists with entrainment of primary air and with the intermixing of air and gas.  Both types of burners generally have some sort of shutter at the air intake to control primary air.
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> determine if you have venturi, natural air burners or forced air 
> burner system.
And another question: What is the difference between venturi and natural air burners? I can't find any description anywhere of any natural draft burner other than a venturi burner.


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