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Ann Kenworthy annk201 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 21:18:45 EDT 2016

I'm one of the people who Mel targeted with his book.  Woman, not a
professional potter, can't weld but passionate about atmospheric firing.

Took the dive five years ago with help beyond measure from Hank, moved the
kiln in the back of a pickup (in pieces, of course) north to the new house,
rebuilt (again kudos to Hank and his pals Jim Laub and Sandy Harder), and
it fires beautifully.  Phone consultations with Mel evened it out a full
cone, and I get consistent results in about 6-7 hours using fast firing,
more with a slow cool down for glazes that warrant it.  If you're thinking
of building a backyard kiln, buy the book!  The plans are great for those
of us who don't have years of experience building kilns but can follow

I took a more expensive route than some will need to do, since, as I
mentioned, I'm not a plumber, welder or electrician.  Ward burners with
Baso safety valves that work perfectly.

Mel's generosity and the help of so many of you on this list have made my
dream come true.  With more than 20 firings under my belt, I've pretty much
abandoned the excel spreadsheet and can fire by sound, smell, and cones,
but I do still take notes every half hour just in case.  Heck, I used to
sit there right outside the kiln shed the whole time, now I clean the
studio and do other stuff while simply checking.

Still so much to learn about glazing, though.  I'll run out of time before
I know enough.

And yes, it's a dome.

Thanks, y'al!

Ann Kenworthy
annk201 at gmail.com
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