[Clayart] repairs and drips

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sat Oct 8 13:35:23 EDT 2016

first and foremost it is always a time issue.
does it take a great deal of time to make a repair or can 
you make six pots in the time it takes.
it all depends.
small bumps and bruises are fine to repair.
major damage most often comes back to bite you.

case in point.
i had a large bowl in my last firing.
i saw a tiny crack in the bottom. i thought/
this is easy...over glaze the inside a bit.
but, it opened up totally right across the
bottom.  now i have to clean a shelf, throw out a big pot, 
and wasted a great deal of time. when it was green, i should 
have dumped it in the re/cycle.
i know better.  of course you can repair a lot of pots in 
greenware stage.  but, it is a 50/50 gamble.
what do you gain.???

learning what glazes run is critical in glazing.
and then do you put runny glazes in hot spots in your 
kiln...i hope not.
for example.  that red i use can be pesky on vertical pots.
so...i glaze up from the bottom about three inches with iron 
red.  then dip to the iron red with red glaze.  it gives me 
a buffer and looks nice too.

repair is never fun, and it often is worthless.
but, i throw fast and a lot.  so, what is one pot in the 
re/cycle to me?  nothing.
cursing after a firing is not nice.

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