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> On Oct 8, 2016, at 7:58 AM, Ken Chase wrote:
> I 'm aware most of my questions are naive and
>> Far below the standards of other posts I read.
>> I appreciate all the feed back I've received and
>> Need to ask one more question.
>> I'm finally getting the result I've been striving for
>> Getting two or three different commercial glazes
>> To flow together for a cascading effect.
>> Now I have to deal with glaze running down
>> Past the foot ring. A great solution was suggested that I make pedestals.
>> I plan to do so.
>> I have been using catch plates and protecting
>> My shelves. I bought stilts a long time ago but
>> Never used them.
>> In obsessing over this glaze on the foot ring
>> Problem it occurred to me maybe I should use
>> Stilts between the catch plate and the pot.
>> ...
>> Is this a good idea? Or, is there a down side
>> To using stilts?

My take on the 'down side' of stilts:

Stilts were designed to allow stiff glazes, aka non-running glazes, to be
placed on the bottom of pots.  The stilt is essentially a metal prong that
does not stick hard to the glaze.  The pot sits on the metal spike and not
the ceramic  piece supporting the metal spike.

Runny glazes will flow down and fill the space between the ceramic support
and the pot.  Separating the stilt assembly from the pot will be a pain.
When I suspect that the glaze on my pot might run, I put my pot on sea
shells with a "cookie" under the shell to catch whatever runs off.

A possible 'solution' is to design a 'cookie' to that will be an attractive
'un glazed super foot' for the pot so that if the glaze runs and bonds the
cookie to the pot you can just leave it be.  If the glaze doesn't run, you
can use it again for the next firing.

have a look at the work of this Danish artist. especially the video.

She is taking advantage of the 'runnyness' of glazes.

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