[Clayart] The "Throw it away" mentality.

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Hi dan,

The historical potters values expressed behind as you say the "throw away mentality" is grossly mis-interpreted by you.

My interpretation based on your posts, past and present, indicate you are in an entirely different pottery camp like that camp over yonder across the lake, and I'm suspecting your approach to clay is as a Dilettante.

Nothing wrong with Dilettante in my esteem of fellow clay lovers quotient, I just thought that what i said might help break someone free......silly me, I should just keep my head down and mouth shut like a good tyrannosaur.

How many precious one of a kind pots have you produced, after hours of musings and design drawings for each piece. Not counting the hours spent fixing "mistakes".


P.S. how did that teapot you sold work out for you?    Haven't heard back yet that the boiling water expanded the patched crack and dumped its hot load into some trusting soul's lap, or into the face of a nursing baby and mommy's tender tissues?

***!!! Truly Ethical potters don't sell or gift "fixed" ware that could be used at the table.^&*(%$#@!


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I once asked for advice on how to repair a crack in a valuable,
bisqued-state tea pot.
I got some good answers BUT I also got a couple of answers that said
"fixing cracks aren't worth it. Throw the pot away and start over".
Recently a fella asked about the best way to grind drips off the foot
of a pot. Somebody wrote, Don't do drips in the first place", throw it
I repaired my tea pot (you couldn't even tell it had a surface crack).
And sold it.
The, "Don't bother, it is lost, throw it away" mentality does not
address the question that was asked, and is hardly the remedy for all
things pottery.
One of the best skills a potter can have is "recovering" from a mistake.


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