[Clayart] Final glaze question"promise"

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Gee Willikers Ken, think of all the excitement and fun at the wheel and kiln openings you could have if you weren't so obsessive about catch plates, stilts...... you ask our advice and then what are you doing with it???

Yes there is a place for catch plates in glaze testing, and for Crafties and Dilettantes; (stilts)

But it is something to take real pride in to not have the glaze run off the pots......So;

I'm posting a "cut and paste" from mel's post:
Mel said: "learning what glazes run is critical in glazing.
and then do you put runny glazes in hot spots in your
kiln...i hope not.
for example.  that red i use can be pesky on vertical pots.
so...i glaze up from the bottom about three inches with iron
red.  then dip to the iron red with red glaze.  it gives me
a buffer and looks nice too."

I also use very stable glazes at the bottom if I wish to use more runny or overlapping of glazes above.  Or if a single glaze will come out great by itself, I will apply one layer at bottom of pot and then add more layers ascending toward the top.

Its all about knowing your glazes, as a musician knows the instrument.  In both cases practice is necessary before virtuosity.   Both in making good pots and in glazing them.



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I 'm aware most of my questions are naive and
Far below the standards of other posts I read.
I appreciate all the feed back I've received and
Need to ask one more question.
I'm finally getting the result I've been striving for
Getting two or three different commercial glazes
To flow together for a cascading effect.
Now I have to deal with glaze running down
Past the foot ring. A great solution was suggested that I make pedestals. I plan to do so.
I have been using catch plates and protecting
My shelves. I bought stilts a long time ago but
Never used them.
In obsessing over this glaze on the foot ring
Problem it occurred to me maybe I should use
Stilts between the catch plate and the pot.
Then if the glaze ran over the foot ring it wouldn't
Pool at the catch plate and allow me to
Grind the bottom.
Is this a good idea? Or, is there a down side
To using stilts?
Thanks for all the help

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