[Clayart] stilts in hi fire

Fredrick Paget fredrick at well.com
Sun Oct 9 00:45:18 EDT 2016

A while ago I got a big limestone tile at a tile shop. It was a big one and about i/2 inch thick. 
I have been using it to make lime stone stilts for 3 or 4 years now  I cut off some strips of it with
a tile cutter and using a pair of tile nippers I have been able to cut it into roughly pyramid shapes around ¼ inch wide or a little larger with a pointed top. It can replace cone shaped sea shells that are hard to get now days here as they are a protected species here. .
  These make fine strong, hard stilts if used on a aluminum hydroxide covered advancer or clay cookie. If the pot drips glaze on the advancer it does not stick.
The limestone pyramids fire to hard quicklime and are easy to remove from the pot. If any sticks it will air slake in a few days and can be washed off. If you are in a hurry put the pot in shallow water and it will slake right away.
Be careful of the quicklime as it is caustic and heats up a lot while slaking if just damp. When it is slaked it is plain lime and not very dangerous. . Can be thrown out but not on a lawn as it is not the same as the “lime”that is put on lawns in the East - that is ground limestone.

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