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Tue Oct 11 16:34:55 EDT 2016

Deb, taking photos is as much or more an art form that many others and one
can spend a lifetime and still learn.

To help "improve" the ones I take, I have used a program called XARA for
years now - they have programs for graphics, photos and web design.  I have
their flagship program - Designer Pro - which has everything contained in
all the other programs for less than $300.00.  If you want just photo it is

With this program I can do virtually everything one can do with the very
expensive Photoshop and their other programs.  With either, one can do
amazing things with cleaning up photos, changing them, taking unwanted
things out or putting wanted things in, cleaning up colors as one wants,

I am not a web designer and have not been back to it in several years but I
did my web site totally using Xara.  Many of the original photos on the
site were in very poor condition and all was done with older versions of
the program.

Might want to check it out.

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