[Clayart] Cindy's question: Potter/ one who makes pots

Douglas Fur 23drb50 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 18:28:03 EDT 2016


I imagine you will get a range of answers. Here are some test questions, as
in a knight going on a quest. With a couple of anecdotes. See if any fit
for you. As with many things, take what you can use and leave the rest.

Is pottery your life?
Do you make a living at it?
Does it make you alive?
Can you live without it?
Have you done it for 7 years?
Have you made 2000 pots, all the same?
What if you don't make pots for years at a stretch but pottery thoughts are
constantly in your mind?

A teacher who made some of the best pots I've seen when asked if he was a
potter said "No".

I'm enjoying my amateur status, never having made a living at it. But when
I see a streak of what might be clay on a hillside the images of what I
could make with it are persistent. The same with equipment or materials.
The "What could I make with that?" is always near.

If asked if I am a potter I'm not sure how I would answer.
Maybe yes, or no, or who cares, or who's asking, or who knows.

Seola Creek
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