[Clayart] The "Throw it away" mentality.

Chris Foxwell christopherfoxwell at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 11:16:32 EDT 2016


If you saw something in my post that reminded you of yourself so be it.   I
addressed no one in particular because I was addressing no one in

My point, which clearly was not clear, is if someone wants to know a
specific answer to a specific question they don't always get an answer to
their question.

If I asked a group of people what the weather was going to be tomorrow and
the answer I was "I don't know,  I don't go outside,  I don't know why
anyone would go outside" , I wouldn't find it helpful.

That's all.   No attack was intended.  No dipariging was intended towards
this forum or anyone in particular.

Crawling back into my hole now.
On Oct 11, 2016 3:32 PM, "Vince Pitelka" <vpitelka at dtccom.net> wrote:

> Chris Foxwell wrote:
> "I enjoy discussions.  Point, counterpoint philosophizing about this or
> that is great fun.   How do I fix a crack and the myriad of other simple
> technical questions ain't that.  Writing out how many ways one is wrong
> for wanting to do something isn't a discussion."
> Hi Chris -
> If you go back and read my message about the impracticality of repairing
> flaws on functional ware, you'll see that I never mentioned anything about
> anyone or any method being wrong.  And of course everything I said was just
> my own well-considered opinions, no more or less significant than anyone
> else's.
> - Vince
> Vince Pitelka
> Appalachian Center for Craft
> Tennessee Tech University
> vpitelka at dtccom.net
> https://sites.tntech.edu/wpitelka/
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