[Clayart] The "Throw it away" mentality.

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forgive me if i'm in error in this instance, but I reserve my right to write a "cracked comment" as you say, when I feel compelled to respond to a crack-pot idea like your appellation "throw it away mentality" which comes off from you as a defensive insult directed at fellow practitioners of a very venerable historical production pottery tradition that you are perhaps misrepresenting to your own ends, and thus I give your "cracked" reasoning no slack.

How's about let's "take a crack" at a muddy handshake and a grin across the sand box and we move on......perhaps we both can "crack" a smile... get up at the "crack of dawn" and don't let me beat you to it!!!



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Your comments are cracked. Throw them away. Dilettante indeed.

Dan Saultman

On Oct 8, 2016, at 6:17 PM, David Woof wrote:

> Hi dan,
> The historical potters values expressed behind as you say the "throw
> away mentality" is grossly mis-interpreted by you.
> My interpretation based on your posts, past and present, indicate
> you are in an entirely different pottery camp like that camp over
> yonder across the lake, and I'm suspecting your approach to clay is
> as a Dilettante.
> Nothing wrong with Dilettante in my esteem of fellow clay lovers
> quotient, I just thought that what i said might help break someone
> free......silly me, I should just keep my head down and mouth shut
> like a good tyrannosaur.
> How many precious one of a kind pots have you produced, after hours
> of musings and design drawings for each piece. Not counting the
> hours spent fixing "mistakes".
> David
> P.S. how did that teapot you sold work out for you?    Haven't heard
> back yet that the boiling water expanded the patched crack and
> dumped its hot load into some trusting soul's lap, or into the face
> of a nursing baby and mommy's tender tissues?

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