[Clayart] Question about iron reds

Eva Gallagher galla at magma.ca
Thu Oct 13 22:24:36 EDT 2016

Hi  is this for cone 10 redux? - if so we use Bailey's red, glick red both 
on brown buff, porc and Bmix - all with good success. I think that sometimes 
if you do too much redux or redux cool I think then the reds go dark.
Eva Gallagher
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> Recently, I have been having trouble with iron reds coming out too dark,
> almost black--with very little hint of red. I know the usual suspects:
> thickness of the glaze or a new batch of RIO.
> But I have also changed clay bodies--from a buff to a B-mix, and I suspect
> this might be a big part of the problem. I suspect that I will have to do 
> a
> line blend to solve the problem.
> So, can some of you tell me of your experience in using an iron red glaze
> on higher-iron vs lower-iron clay body?
> Bob in Southern Oregon
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