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Fri Oct 14 13:08:46 EDT 2016

I looked up some German words to see how "turn"  might be used in that
language. Knowing that  "Topfer" = potter I started there. One dictionary
gave an example sentence:
"Schlamm der ein Topfer holdeth, turneth in Krug." (Mud that a potter holds
turns into a jug.)
So "turn" in German has the divert, rotate and also transformative meanings
as in English. It also has a sense of agility, "Turnisch" = gymnastic.
So "to turn" could be seen as "to skillfully transform" and not necessarily
be about the rotation of a wheel.

As to "turning" vs "trimming", David Stannard, who taught at the University
of Oregon said that he preferred "Turning over "Trimming". I got the sense
that for him turning was more of an exploratory process, a skillful turning
away of a pot's clay until the form of the pot was revealed. There was also
a sense that the clay had served a purpose, supporting the form while it
dried and was now being turned or diverted to another purpose. Trimming, on
the other hand, was more deterministic. A portion of clay was predetermined
as waste and removed from the body of the pot.

Seola Creek
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