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OK Jim here's the results of my chronocide*

The linguistic roots of turn include twisting, turning, rotate, to rub
twist by rubbing etc. There is a lot of overlap with "throw".
All of these are in a web of words connected to the origin of the wheel.
(Rotate comes from an ancient greek word "roteh"=wheel.) Which is why I put
in the link about wheels.
Note the persistence of words like; twist, turn, rub, twist by rubbing.
This sounds like fiber work.

So I made up this little story. We know that the roots of most european
words come  from a theoretical "Proto-Indo-European language and that the
invention of the wheeled cart enabled the migration of the
"Proto-indo-european tribes" to migrate into europe where our individual
languages developed. How might this have happened?
The wheeled toys in the article on wheels and "Twist, rub, twist by rubbing
etc" are clues.

A clay toy was made for a child. Early clay work was done by women. It's a
"hunter-gatherer" gender role thing like caring for the children. So I
imagine a mom making some pots makes a toy to keep the kids busy while she

Why wheels? A related word is "whorl". Another women's craft was spinning,
the rubbing, turning, twisting, twining of fibers together to make yarn,
cord rope et al. The whorl is a round disk of stone or clay mounted on a
shaft. it is the tool to do the twisting and turning. Maybe the whorl first
becomes a wheel on a toy or on a cart or a wheel on which you make pots.
Archeologists are undecided about which came first but the whorl predates
them all. So maybe a mom is walking by her family sledge and spinning some
yarn. She sees the whorl, puts 2+2 together and we have the first cart.
Maybe it first gets tried on a toy first or maybe the creative jump is from
how easy the whorl makes spinning to how easy a wheel can make potting.

So turning and throwing are like fibers twined together by that ancient mom
with her clay whorl (wheel). As for which one to use, I guess the answer is
to ask your mom.

Seola Creek

*A name I made up for killing(-cide) time(chrono-).
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