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"I would also like to point out that pottery was one of those things that
the colonies were forced to import from England (no wonder there was a
revolution). In theory (though no doubt it was much broken) making pots
here was actually illegal at the time Wedgewood and co were exporting huge
numbers of pots." - Robert

Interesting clip. Robert -

You are certainly correct about all the English colonies being forced to
import things from England - the whole economy was based upon bring raw
materials into and exporting finished goods out.  It was also illegal for
skilled craftsmen to move to the colonies and Wedgewood was one of the main
forces keeping this in place.

It would seem that France is where the word "turn" came from but what is
interesting is that there was only one known Frenchman working in pottery
in the old south - down in Mobile, AL.  Almost all of those working in
pottery were of English or German heritage so it seems strange that one
small pottery working on the Gulf in AL would have worked its way all over
the south - seems the reverse would have been done.

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