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Speaking of trimming, that is a major difference between "studio" potters
making "art" type items vs the old potters making utilitarian type items.

In the old potteries, time was everything - one did not "foot" or in any
other manner take time with a piece once it came off the wheel.  The only
thing done was the next morning a thumb was ran around the bottom edge to
smooth that edge.  Except for handles, nothing is done to the piece.

In many situations, studio or art potters spend more time in "finishing" a
piece that it takes to make a dozen like it but that is what is expected
for the items they make.  But in many of these cases, that time is spent
taking excess clay off the piece to make it of equal thickness - especially
from the bottom and side.  If one takes the time to turn the piece right,
this time - and material - could be saved.

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