[Clayart] The "Throw it away" mentality.

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yes I could have worded it "nicer," or just chosen to ignore the whole initial negative driven post from the person who declared the advice he liked as "Good Advice" and made a negative comparison to advice from others who, as he said, exhibited a "throwaway mentality.  (that post was arrogant and rude! and I chose not to let it pass)

And I was not alone in catching the arrogant tone of that initial "throw away mentality post" and responding to it.

In times past you and I were never afraid to do the heavy and dirty work for Clayart so why now are you attempting to counsel me?

The last time I "romped a bit" on someone, that person now has himself together in a much better form and it is a pleasure to see him post in a positive spirit.

The designation of Dilettante should not insult a literate person if they are honest about what they are doing and not posing and trying to pass themselves off as something they are not.  *****Trade in guns for a dictionary!*****

Let us each just be who we are in honest appraisal of ourselves.  And have the honest guts and balls to stir the pot so the BS and Crap doesn't settle in and become the excepted norm.

Love and respect to all,



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In response to a post by Dan, David Woof wrote:
"My interpretation based on your posts, past and present, indicate you are in an entirely different pottery camp like that camp over yonder across the lake, and I'm suspecting your approach to clay is as a Dilettante."

David -
I agree with some of what you said in your post to Dan, but your unsavory tone and choice of language drag down what is otherwise a productive and informative conversation.  "Dilettante" is a condescending and offensive term, and you cannot claim otherwise.  For the sake of productive dialogue and mutual respect among this diverse group, please be more careful of that in the future.  We value every member of Clayart.
- Vince

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