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"It would seem that France is where the word "turn" came from but what is
interesting is that there was only one known Frenchman working in pottery
in the old south - down in Mobile, AL."

Except for all the Huguenots who emigrated to the Carolinas from Alsace-Loirainne. If you look at early colonial-era Carolina stoneware, say 1740-1800, the vocabulary of form is virtually identical to Alsatian salt-glazed stonewares. And there is correspondence from the Governor of North Carolina to Parliament essentially waving away the establishment of potteries in that colony as "making only the rudest items" and "employing such Frenchman as have come to our colony". This despite the fact that those potteries were definitely producing more than "rude" utility items. Mercantilism wasn't universally successful.

Rob Van Rens
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