[Clayart] kilns for sale - cheap - Location - Grosse Pointe Park Michigan

John Post johnpost89a at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 09:25:07 EDT 2016

A friend of mine named Tom Szmrecsanyi has several electric kilns for sale.

He is located in Grosse Pointe Park Michigan.
Contact him here - TomSzmrecsanyi at hotmail.com

Evenheat 6320 XL

kiln sitter

size: 23.5 in wide, 27 in deep

I have used this kiln 5-10 times a year for about 5 years.  It’s great?


Paragon A99B

kiln sitter with limit timer

size: 23.5 in wide, 27 in deep

insulation brick is damaged from transport but can be repaired easily.  It
has been fired by the previous owner once!


Skutt model 181

Kiln sitter

interior dimensions 17 1/2" x 17 1/2".

Excellent kiln for anyone without the electrical service to a kiln location
required for a larger kiln.


Package deal- all three kilns for $300.00

Local Pickup - Cash only

John Post
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