[Clayart] deb's teachers

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Mon Oct 17 16:04:58 EDT 2016

i say amen, and hooozah.  i could not feel more the same way.

i went back for an mfa in painting at 50.
i never took the degree, but did all the stuff.

man, the look on their face when you say as adult.
`say friend, you did not show up for formal class last 
week..i know it was snowing, but no warning information for 
students????.  i called dean luger and lodged a complaint..`
watch a prof poop his pants.  no student under 25 would ever 
  do that. he never missed a class i was in i tell you.

i told him that i did not call the dean, i called mary 
johnson the dean's assistant.  `you know mary???? she is 
mean as a snake.`  you betcha.

this was an arrogant ass prof.  he was the exception.  i had 
great painting teachers.

all critique is about the actual work.  it is never about 
the student in any way.
i can give a damn fine critique, take apart the work and 
never make the student feel uncomfortable.  there are some 
on clayart that have gone through that with me.  i am never 
personal as a teacher..fun, crazy, mean as hell, have very 
high expectations...but, never personal attacks.  never.

the roll of an art teacher is being positive and uplifting 
while teaching seeing, looking and self aware.  when the 
student starts to be as objective as you are, you have won.

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